Wednesday, December 14, 2016

UPDATE 12/14/16

So since I don't keep this up to date as much as i should here are the most recent news blurbs.

I should have more copies from Mid west Brutality here soon.

The split with Defornicated is sold out on my part. I didnt receive many copies and they went fast.
You can buy them from MWB however.


Here is the new 4 way split entitled, Convulsing in Orgasmic Disgust.
The bands on it are yours truly, I Kill Whores, Cumfart Satisfaction, and Urethral Injection!
I have 3 brand new songs totaling 9 minutes!. I just uploaded them to the bandcamp you can listen to them HERE!!!!
They should be released by Mid West Brutality hopefully on or by Christmas.


I will also be on Fuck Tha Ass Records, Associates in Grind Vol.3!!!!
That too should be out before the end of the year. I should have some copies whenever it is released.

Also tracking for the 5 way split with Cemetery Rapist, Gorepot, Necrofuckphilia, and Dicephalustetrapusdibrachius Anthropohagolagnia
Has begun. It will have new vocals from a good friend. You can hear him on the new song Weapons Grade Anal Mucus and an older song Shrapnel Embedded Cunt.

Also I now have tshirts!!!

You can buy them from my store.
Im all out of mediums, didnt realize a lot of you were so shmall.

Anyway thats it for now.

Stay tuned for more
Keep supporting
I appreciate each and every one of you!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 11th Updates

A lot is going on so here we go!

  • As of 8/11/16 There are 2 copies of Rectal Reich left in my possession! If you want to buy one EMAIL ME or go to my STORE! They come with free stickers. Or you can check our friendly label Mortuus Records! He had some copies last time I checked.

    • 4"x4" Stickers are in! Donate $2 at my BigCartel and receive a couple.
    • There is a 4 way split with I Kill Whores, Cumfart Satisfaction, Urethral Injection and SxDx coming here in a month digitally. I assume it will be pressed at some point! I will have 3 brand new tracks! Entitled,           1.Abominable Buttplug 2. Weapons Grade Anal Mucus 3.Brain Splattered Mace

    Here is the unofficial artwork.

    •My split "This is Your Brain on Drugs" with Defornicated was released last month. You can buy it for $3 on my BANDCAMP. I don't know the physical release date yet.

    •Shirts are delayed till I find a better printer...

    •The Download page on here links are long dead I will update them soon...For now you can find past free releases on or on my Bandcamp.

    ANY AND ALL money received for merchandise/donations is recycle back into the SxDx machine to be used for more merch! If I could I'd just give everything away for free.

    I think that's all the news for now, I will try to make this place better and it will eventually turn into a website on its own. I have no internet besides my phone right now.

    As always you can follow me on Shitbook!!

    If you have any questions about merch, downloads, bulk ordering, label shit, or if you're in a band and want to do a split. Feel free to me at furthurdesigns @ gmail (.) com

    -Count Fistfuck

    Friday, May 13, 2016

    First full length debut .News update

    Long time no see. Im going to start using this again until I figure out how to have my domain hosted for a website.

    Anyway Rectal Reich has debuted and you can buy it through the label MidWest Brutality or thru me

    In other news im going to be releasing some random shit for fun and for free! I have a split with Defornicated In the works. And I decided to record Shitpit an album I wrote 4 years ago n never recorded. I will also have another little EP . It will he awhile before my 2nd full length so look for that 2017-18

    And if you havent like my page on fb for short updates this blog will have more in depth shit for the kvlt fans

    -Count FF

    Wednesday, November 7, 2012

    Rectal Reich Art Debut n Info

    I hardly get on here but if there are fans that wind up here they need to know whats up....

    Im currently livin away from my gear and as soon as i move back i will record my new EP or Full length i dont know what it is yet but the shit is called..... RECTAL REICH!

    official artwork debut....

    The release date is scheduled for 12/25/12 so you can listen to anal slams while opening presents!

    I have a new logo because i lost the original files for the other 2 n eh its alrite

    oh and its also my birthday , so wish me a happy fuckin birthday

    Fistfuck, out!

    Thursday, August 9, 2012

    Updates to the site

    I have updated some of the download links to the Discography page

    the split with Perverse Imagery is done it will be on this site in a lil bit
    right now you can hear 3/4 tracks on my Bandcamp HERE!

    and thats about it I also have a new logo you can see on top of the site.

    For upcoming releases i am currently saving money to get better recording material for my next full length and probably some splits on the side.

    Monday, July 16, 2012

    Out of Date

    I hardly use this or keep it up to date

    but i have just released a new EP , listen to it hear NEW EP PREVIEW

    You can purchase here PURCHASE THE EP

    and to stay up to date with the shit going on follow me on fuckbook SxDx FUCKBOOK

    thats all for now

    Friday, May 25, 2012


    Well Count Fistfuck, got fucked by the law and now is serving a long term probation. So since he can't bang any more drugs he's focusing on his second hobby, music.

    Shitpit is currently still being recorded but should be done shortly.
    Also there will be another split coming out soon.

    For now go like and stay updated with Syphilic Diarrhea on the terrible Fuckbook

    That is all for now minions.